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Financial Analysis

Getting good and objective financial information is imperative to making value-creating business and investment decisions. AMT’s financial analysis helps identify company strengths and weaknesses, assess competitive environment, and evaluate product line profitability that affect the economic value of the business.

Whether you are considering buying a business, selling a division, making a major capital expenditure, AMT provides management with insightful information that ensures the right strategic decision is made.

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Financial Management

After the sale—and after all the payments to suppliers, employees plus others—your business ultimately has to make money. The more, the better—in the long run, as well as the short run!

Managing the finances of an emerging business, however, often takes a back seat to managing customer, suppliers and employee issues. What is needed is someone who is responsible for managing your business’s financial issues.

In other words, your business requires the skills, dedication, and experience of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Does your company need the expense of another executive on staff? No, what is needed is a “part-time CFO.”

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Financial Training

AMT's financial education services provide businesses the opportunity to realize enduring value-added change by enhancing their employees' decisionmaking ability. Our superior instructors, materials, and learning tools ensure partcipants will experience the most effective and efficient learning process possible.

Furthermore, we realize that every business has different professional development needs. Accordingly, we can work with you to customize a professional development program to reflect your organization and industry.

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