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Financial Analysis

To make good business decisions, you need a clear picture of the risks, rewards and financial implications of your business' investments. AMT can support your decisionmaking process by providing you independent and objective financial analysis such as:

Business Valuation

You decide to buy. What is the value of the target business? You decide to sell. What is the value of your business?

It can be argued that valuing a closely held business is more art than science. We have the expertise and experience to ensure the conclusion of value is based more on science than art.

Evaluation of Major Expenditures

Capital expenditure decisions - typically involving large amounts of money - are hard to reverse if circumstances change. You need appropriate financial information prior to making these high-risk decisions.

Risk-return relationships can be determined for each major decision your business faces. We have the financial tools, knowledge and experience necessary to help you make these decisions.

Benchmark Analysis

Are you in a position of operational and financial strength compared to your competitors? How would a bank rate your business?

We can evaluate your business relative to industry standards in the manner a bank would. Accordingly, your business can be prepared to put its best foot forward when approaching sources of capital.

Product/Service Return on Investment

Do your products or services provide value to your customers? Of course they do! But simply saying so is not as effective as demonstrating so.

We can determine the return on investment your prospective customers can expect when buying your product or service. Accordingly, we can help you grow the "Top line" as well as control the "middle lines" to ensure a strong "bottom line."