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Financial Training

AMT instructors are exceptionally qualified to conduct financial education programs. They have years of instructional experience, have been awarded advanced degrees and have earned respected financial certifications. Furthermore, all instructors have professional experience in their areas of expertise—accordingly, they have the ability to bring “real-world” experiences into the class room.

AMT education materials and learning tools are carefully developed to ensure participants quickly understand the presented concepts and can apply them in their areas of responsibility after the program. Some programs utilize business simulation models on CD-ROM that bring case studies to a new level of inter-activity for participants—and allow them to simulate the effects of post-program decisions.

AMT’s customized programs are designed, developed and presented to reflect the financial and operating issues relevant to your business. When financial concepts are presented in the context of your business’ goals, operations, organizational structure and competitive market, participants will more effectively apply these concepts in your business after the program.

To better accommodate various business environments, we currently offer programs specific the following areas: