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Professional Development for Attorneys

Attorneys assisting clients with business matters need an effective understanding of finance and accounting. Whether they facilitate a corporate transaction, litigate damages or assist in other commercial matters, the chances of success are enhanced exponentially when the attorney speaks the "language of business" and understands the essential financial concepts.

AMT has designed and developed on-site finance and accounting CLE programs specific to the legal profession. Ranging from basic topics such as reading financial statements to more sophisticated subjects such as business valuations, these programs are ideally suited for attorneys with limited finance and accounting experience--as well as lawyers who work with accountants, bankers and financial analysts on a routine basis.

Our programs use financial statements of publicly-traded companies and case studies to illustrate key finance and accounting concepts. Additionally, a course book is provided for each program. With some programs, laminated reference cards are provided.

Since these curricula are conducted at your law firm, AMT can hand-tailor many of the programs by supplementing or replacing the pre-packaged case study or financial statement with one that is relevant to a past (or current) engagement.

Note: Attorneys who would like to attend AMT's Continuing Legal Education courses, but who cannot afford to do so, may request financial aid from AMT. Please contact us to receive a copy of AMT's Financial Aid Policy Statement.

Currently available programs

Why AMT?

Past participants say some of the reasons our programs are effective include:
  • Relevant topics and illustrations

    AMT's CLE programs are specifically designed for attorneys. Business cases and financial exercises are developed to outline financial situations faced by attorneys.

  • AMT Instructors

    AMT instructors are exceptionally qualified to conduct financial education programs. They have years of instructional experience, have been awarded advanced degrees and have earned respected financial certifications.

  • Participant Involvement

    During the sessions, teams are created so attorneys can apply the financial concepts to solve problems and address issues presented in the business case and financial exercises. Attorneys and the program leader then discuss real-world situations in the context of legal proceedings.

  • A Less Intimidating Learning Environment

    Participants are encouraged to ask questions and contribute to the discussion throughout the program. Before the program starts, attorneys are encouraged to post questions that the program leader answers during each session.

  • Effective Teaching Techniques

    People have different learning styles - "left brain" people learn differently than "right brain" people. So that attorneys can effectively learn financial concepts, AMT has developed various teaching techniques ranging from role-playing exercises to construction of the accounting model puzzle.

  • Reference Materials

    Participants will receive a coursebook and laminated reference cards that are used throughout the program. After the program, these materials serve as effective reference resources for the attorneys.