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Professional Development for Venture Firms

Value Creation is an executive education program for your portfolio companies. It is designed to ensure your managers clearly understand how to create value faster and more efficiently.

The Mission

The mission of a venture capital company is to maximize returns to their shareholders. This is accomplished by creating value within its portfolio companies - in the shortest possible time frame. Portfolio managers who understand how value is created will achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

Program Objective

The objective of this executive education program is to ensure that the managers of your portfolio companies understand how value can be created quickly and efficiently...and make sure they incorporate this value-creation knowledge in all their operational and strategic decisions.

Following the program, your portfolio managers will fully understand:
  • The needs and wants of the investors
  • What drives the value of a business
  • Which drivers give the "biggest bang for the buck"
  • Their ability to control each value driver
  • The critical success factors for a successful IPO or buy-out

How Does It Work?

Approximately sixteen participants are selected for each multi-day course. An AMT instructor fully conversant with the company and the industry leads the session. Authentic company situations are presented so participants can apply the value-creating concepts to their business. Using a business simulation model as an enabler, teams compete to achieve the highest valuation of the company.

Following the program, the course materials and the business simulation model can be applied to company-related efforts.

Why It Works

The managers of your portfolio companies will make decisions that create value quickly and efficiently since they:
  • Learned value-creation topics relevant to their business' strategic and tactical goals
  • Have worked through value-creating exercises based on real-world situations facing their business
  • Tested operational and financial decisions in a business simulation model reflecting their own economic space

Program Highlights

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Business Simulation

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