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Why AMT Is Your Best Solution

To succeed, professional service firms must deliver great service at a fair price. To effectively compete for your business, however, we must offer more.

AMT Financial Consultants offers:
  • Superior knowledge and experience in finance

    Finance is different than accounting. While accounting requires knowledge of various guidelines and regulations, finance requires rigorous analytical skills.

    The ability to perform financial analysis requires extensive training and experience. Many of our consultants possess an advanced degree in finance and certified in financial management. Our experience is gained through applying these financial skills as practitioners for numerous emerging businesses.

  • Superior ability to communicate

    What good is knowledge and information if it isn't effectively communicated? To add value to the financial management process, consultants must be able to convey financial concepts to non-financial managers.

    Many of our consultants have experience as educators where success is measured in their ability to communicate complex financial concepts. Furthermore, many of our consultants have experience in production, engineering and computer systems—giving them the ability to speak your language.