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AMT's CFO Services

Your business needs the skills and dedication of a CFO (Chief Financial Officer)...but not the expense of another staff person. What is needed is a part-time CFO.

AMT can support your business with the following CFO Services:

Growth Management

Your business is growing rapidly. That's great, right? Not necessarily. Growth beyond a certain limit can eventually bankrupt a company.

We can determine this limit for your business and help you increase what is called your business's Maximum Sustainable Growth Rate (MSGR). Additionally, we can determine the amount of funding (debt and equity) your business needs if you grow beyond your MSGR.

Cash Management

Shortage of cash is frequently a problem for high-growth firms. On the other hand, excess cash has a hidden cost.

Sound cash management policies and processes can help minimize these problems. We can determine the appropriate cash level for your business ... and forecast your business's cash flow.

Forecasting Financial Performance

Using accounting reports to drive a business is the equivalent of using the rearview mirror to drive a car. You need to know where your business will be in the next month and quarter, not the past month or quarter.

Leading indicators of your business can be established so you can anticipate your business's financial performance. We can create an "instrument panel" that will indicate where your business is headed.


As a business grows and headcount increases, managers are given more authority along with accountability. Accordingly, spending decisions will devolve from the owner(s) to the managers.

Establishing a budget can help control spending by holding managers accountable to their monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. We help facilitate the budgeting process among the managers and their areas of responsibilities.

Accounting Function Assessment

Financial decisions are only as good as the information and data they are based on. Fast growing businesses can quickly out-grow their accounting and finance policies, procedures and computer system.

We can help you determine accounting and finance requirements given your business's growth path. Once the best approach and/or system is selected, we can facilitate the implementation process.